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Advertizing in the magazine L'Etoile

Expanding the possibilities of products and services in November 2009 L’Etoile has realized the first specialized magazine for its customers – a monthly magazine about life style of modern Russian woman.

L’Etoile Magazine is a personal guide to modern life of a woman. It speaks as a friend regardless the distance. This dialog creates the special relation between the reader and the magazine, and as the result, between the customer and a retail brand.

This is unique and admirable publication, the edition for refinement and comfort of every day. It draws attention by its quality and new sounding. It offers pleasant dive into a dream, it is interesting for reading and re-reading. This is a bright and warm communication with taste and special atmosphere. This is communication with L’Etoile. 


Number of copies: 450 000

Distribution: L'etoile network — more than 1000 stores

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On questions of placing of advertising in the journal L’Etoile, please contact Andreeva Vladlena andreeva.v@alkor.co.ru Tel: +7 (495) 937-12-31